Happy 380 day anniversary to us!

Thank you to all of our lovely guests for making our wedding day so amazing!

Whilst the wedding may now be over, the memories will last a lifetime. Well, the bits we can remember will.

We've now started to post some photo galleries, which you can access from the menu above.

We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to:

  • EVERY SINGLE PERSON who made the lengthy journey to celebrate our wedding with us!
  • Our lovely parents for bringing us up to be the perfect people that we are, and for their very generous contributions to the day's proceedings.
  • The utterly brilliant staff at Portmeirion, who ensured that we were all so well looked after. Special thanks to Delyth for helping us so much in the planning of the wedding.
  • Our fantastic photographer Mathew Quake. His photos are amazing, and what a thoroughly nice chap to put us all at ease on the big day!
  • Deb at Iris and Thyme, the florist who provided such beautiful foliage for us all!
  • The 45s, our new favouritest band ever who got the party rocking!! Thank you Jimmy, Bobby and Des - you guys are AMAZING!
  • Boltholes and Hideaways, with whom we booked our lovely honeymoon cottage on Anglesey!


See you soon,
Mr & Mrs Mac